Areas of Service

Check out each section below to find out more information about areas you can serve in. If you find one you think you might be a good fit in, fill out the form below to let us know and one of our pastors will follow up with you.

Student Ministries

All of our student ministries, Kids Creek (birth-5th grade), wake (6th-8th grade), Hydrate (9th-12th grade), and Cross Creek Young Adults (18-25 year olds) require volunteers to run. Leaders for these ministries help in a variety of ways including assisting with worship or tech needs, preparing curriculum, teaching, and leading small groups or games.


Hospitality is more than just making a space for you to be welcomed, it is creating a welcoming space for you to be in! We have several areas where we intentionally work to do this:

  • Parking Team: You will greet everyone with a smile the moment their tires hit the pavement and will be direct people to their next point of connection!
  • First Time Guest Greeters: Our Guest Team helps visitors get acquainted with our church. 
  • Greeters and Seaters: Greeters welcome attendees and help them find a seat if necessary.
  • Baristas & Coffee Bar: Nothing says “Home” like a fresh cup of coffee! You will prepare and serve coffee for our attendees.  
  • Security Team: You will help keep our church and its attendees safe during services!
  • Grounds Team: You will help keep our church building and grounds in great condition by helping with maintenance and yard work.


Adult Discipleship

We need three main types of leaders in our Adult Discipleship ministries.

  • Re:gen mentors (training provided)
  • Community Group Leaders or Host Homes (training provided)
  • D-Group Leaders (you choose the topic of study!)
Worship and Media

Our worship & media teams help make sure our Sunday worship services glorify God & run seamlessly!

Service areas include:

  • Worship leaders (singers & musicians)
  • Tech team (running lights, lyrics, or sound – training provided!)
  • Camera crew (run cameras for our livestream or take photos for our social media)