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2023 is here! Man, it seems so futuristic to say 2023. The other day my son was asking how long Misti and I had been married, and I told him we got married on January 1st, 1994. His immediate response was, “Wow, you got married back in the 1900’s.” Time just seems to fly by, and if we are not intentional, we can miss opportunities and end up just wasting our time.

Every year I pray for God to give us a clear vision or word for the new year. Something we as a church can pray for and focus on throughout the year. This year our word is “GO”. One day last year while I was reading in Matthew, I was hit with the burden for our church to get up and GO. Matthew 22:9 says, “Go therefore to the main roads and invite to the wedding feast as many as you find.” It has been almost three years since Covid became a daily word on the news and in every household across the world. Do you remember how complex Covid made everything? It wasn’t long until carrying a mask in my back pocket became just part of my routine. Whenever I leave to go somewhere I check my front pockets for my keys and my phone. Then I reach my right hand around to check my back right pocket for my wallet or billfold. During this interesting season of life, I would check my back left pocket for a mask.

Going anywhere became much more complicated. Many people would have their groceries delivered and then sanitize them before bringing them into the house. And church? Wow, going to church was interesting as well. Who would have ever thought we would need to make a reservation for a particular time slot at church? Do you remember how we had chairs broken up each service based on party sizes made through our reservation process? Talk about complicating things.

Many people seemed to hit the pause button, and it seems a lot of people are still on pause. I know some people who quit going to the gym during this time and have yet to return. Speaking with pastors around the country there are scores of former church attenders who have forsaken assembling on Sundays altogether. Covid complicated things and caused many to become completely complacent in multiple areas and arenas of their life. The reality is the Gospel is not complicated. The mission the church has been given is monumental but uncomplicated. Go! Over and over in Scriptures we are given the command to Go. The last proclamation Jesus gave should be our first and number one priority. Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.” (Matthew 28:19).

We want to focus on three ways we can Go this year.

1. Go after God. What if this year you pursued Him above every other pursuit of your life? Jesus told us during his Sermon on the Mount that if we hunger and thirst for righteousness we will be satisfied (Matthew 5:6). Maybe the reason we have become so complacent is because we have been pursuing things that will never satisfy. I want to encourage you to dive into His Word like never before. Another way we can Go after God is by diving into His work. That pause button has caused many to become apathetic or just lazy when it comes to investing in the work of God. Make 2023 the year you stop just being a spectator and start being a participant. Jump in somewhere and serve His bride.

2. Go after people. Our key verse this year tells us to Go and invite people to the party. Why do we struggle so much with inviting people to know and experience the greatest gift ever? Could it be simply that we have complicated it too much? It was a joy for me to hear about how many of your neighbors showed up to our Christmas Eve Services. I heard many of you mention that your neighbor came with you, and many of them for the first time. What if we all took this simple challenge to go and invite people to the

3. Go after community. We say it over and over, and we can’t stress it enough. The Christian life is not an individual sport. We are better together. You can find community here at Cross Creek by jumping into serving somewhere as well as plugging into a community group. We provide many different areas for ladies to find community whether it is The Well, our Military Wives Support Group or Girls Night Out events. We have a men’s retreat planned for this year as well as different events and D-Groups scheduled throughout the year. The Band of Brothers D-Group meets every Saturday morning for a time of study and encouragement. This year I want to inspire you to Go after community and live out our motto that Cross Creek Church is a place to belong.

If you have become complacent or stuck, I want to cheer you on. Go! Go after God, people, and community. The church has been given a mission and we are privileged to get to carry out this mission together. Who has God placed in your life so you can invite them to the party? How has God gifted you to serve His bride? Where in your life has your faith become dull or complacent. Find community with other believers and allow yourself to be sharpened.

Let’s Go!


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