Thomas was born in Denver, Colorado, and was raised in a Christian household from a young age. He was baptized as a junior in high school before deciding to brave the college life at the Colorado School of Mines. He now works in the tech sector as a systems engineer and analyst for software development projects largely pertaining to modeling and simulation.

Thomas started attending Cross Creek in 2020 while participating in the Re:generation ministry newly on offer at the time. Aside from writing for the blog, he also serves in Re:generation and is a regular attendee of the Band of Brothers men’s group on Saturday mornings. He hopes that God will use the ministries he is involved with to help people see that walking with Christ is something for more than just Sundays.

In his home life, Thomas enjoys a peaceful, though fragile, coexistence with his pet leopard tortoise Trixie and will likely get to enjoy it for many, many years to come, Lord willing. If historical patterns hold, Thomas will likely spend that time reading, writing, and occasionally coding.